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I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I know I sure did. Happy (post-)Memorial Day to my fellow Americans on my flist

I actually went some place this weekend shockingly. I went to Sacramento* and it was so beautiful! I admittedly fell asleep during the drive there since I ruined my sleeping habit so badly, and on top of that I was so much excite I could not sleep aaaaaaaa. We went to a Japanese food store which was HUGE! 8D It had a great selection of tea, food and TEA. This part is important so it had to be mentioned twice.

After we went shopping, my parents and I walked over to a Japanese bakery nearby. I had curry bread which I haven't had in three years...ish. In all honesty I like it for the bread, more than the curry inside of it.

On Sunday I got to see the Thor movie, finally. It was fuuun. My fondness for comicbook superheroes let me show you them. I look forward to Captain America! Along with Green Lantern and the next X-Men movie too! \o\

...I feel like I had more to write but that's pretty much it.

*In my plurk I typed "San Francisco". OOPS. I blame the fact I was still pretty braindead around that time.
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