RIVAL CRI (spagonia) wrote,

Thanks Bird. Now I can't unsee it either.

So clearly everyone else must suffer. 8Ua
Tags: pokemon
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I take it my brain should be thankful that I don't know anything about the Pok'emon characters pulling the Little Mermaid impression?
Ahaa, well I think it's hilariously awesome personally. X'D

To make it more clearly let me use this example: It's like thinking about Anti-Team Dark. That's how awesome it is(???)!
... I think my life just got changed for the better.
Not gonna lie, this has vastly improved the quality of my life as well.
...this is beautiful
Best revelation ever!
And I haven't even watched the anime
Me neither, actually! Or at least around the Hoenn arcs. :|a
...I'm not sure I wanted to see this.
What but-



.......clearly you are blown away by the ~awesome~




....This has made my life.
It is so beautiful!11
That icon is the perfect reaction.

And you're welcome.
Isn't it?

Pfft THANK YOU SO MUCH it is wonderful I don't even

also oh man! I didn't know you were the Clawdeen that tagged Casimir over at dear_mun! That thread was so cute! (*-*)

You're welcome, although all I did was stumbled across it and reposted it!

I expected Casimir was yours, hee.

Thank you! It really, really was.
Well it's a great find! It has made me day.

Pfft, was I that obvious? XD I guess I was... :|a

And don't mention it! That thread gave me diabeetus just so you know
I laughed. XD That's hilarious and I will be able to unsee it. :V
Mostly because I like the Shelley ship.
It is pretty hilarious! For some reason though I was most amused by Lance/Team Magma standing around in the background. Also Eric's face in the last panel I don't even akslfsa
I know man, I had a small giggle. But maybe because I was looking for him somewhere once I saw Shelley.
Hehe, they do look pretty silly just standing around there. XD
Aha, that's true, too!